Thursday, April 16, 2015

Iguana Farm

Matthew has been begging to go to the Iguana farm since we got here.  So finally today I took him to the farm even though I really just wanted to sleep since I was sick and really just wanted to sleep.... but what we do for our kids....  Oh... and a few more pictures of West Bay

Grandma watches the boys while Bobbi and I went snorkeling. 

Matthew surrounded by fish... he loved it!!

a happy four year old. 

smiles abound

The iguana's at the farm are all wild and have gathered there.... they estimate they have 2000+ on the land. 

Matthew "petting" the big iguana's
Alright.... I'll pet it too... 

feeding the iguana's.  Despite this picture he thought feeding them was the best. 

"i'm not so sure about this!"

"ahhh, now that is nice!"

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Mrs. H said...

Looks like fun! Matthew looks so happy in the water!