Thursday, April 16, 2015

Roaton day 3-6

Well I've been to busy to write the post as I went.  So now I'll try and remember what we did.  In monday (day 3). We got up early - I'm mean really early - 4am - and captain Juan took us fishing.  For the first hour no bites.... Then wham we caught 7 tuna in about 25 minutes!  We hook a number of really big fish too but they kept breaking the lines.  After we got back Juan cleaned the fish and fileted them for us and we had them for dinner - dad seasoned and grilled them.  They were amazing! What a difference it makes when the fish is fresh!

up at 4 am and out on the water to find the fish. 

Fun fishing!

sun rise

we got a bite!!!!  Come on Grandpa and Bobbie!  Bring it in!

say Cheese!

Go momma go! Bring that tuna in!

Come on Grandparents... you can bring in that tuna!

What a pair of cuties!

our first six tuna. 

cleaning the fish

Way to go Grandpa!

I think they will taste good.... right!

Matthew is learning about cleaning fish from Grandpa. 

Matthew and I walked to West Bay to sign me up for going diving the next day. 

Look we found a starfish!

Matthew thought the star fish was really cool... don't worry we there it back. 

Our tuna all grilled up and ready to eat. 

Really boys!  How do they sleep this way
On Tuesday we took a water taxi into west end and walked around and in then walked into west bay.  I went scuba diving one morning and classically ruptured my ear drum in the first dive!  And oh man did it hurt!!!
One day we all drive into west bay and had lunch at a local restaurant.  And one night grandpa and gramma went into west end for dinner while Bobbi and I attempted to get pizza delivered and and had fun flagging down the delivery guy. 
This morning - Thursday - day 6. - We went right along with ethan and got up at 5:30 like he has done every day and drove to west bay beach and went snorkeling there.  It was pretty - there were a lot of parrot fish and blue tangs and some pretty coral.  Several times I went for Swim out as the sun went down and saw Rays and a turtle and a very large trunk fish.  We went snorkeling down the beach from our house and  We saw a ton of lobsters- I stopped counting at 12!

fun coral from my one and only dive

west bay beach


El Gato... waiting for scraps of food. 

view of our beach

Ethan and I on our Fishing trip

I could look out at this view all day long!!!

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