Sunday, January 8, 2017

beautiful fall colors!!

It is so sad how terribly behind I am in posting all of this but better late then never I guess.  We all went for a drive up to Estes one Saturday to see the fall colors and they were beautiful!!!

I still don't know where that Blonde Blonde hair came from. 

Matthew was into being an artist and kept drawing everything that he was seeing.  It was very adorable. 

Still being and artist and drawing this beautiful yellow tree.  He was so serious about it too. 

He had to capture it all. 

It took us FOREVER to walk the short walk way because he had to keep stopping to draw everything.  We didn't mind though. 

Ethan really did not want to have his picture taken... this was the best I could get.  : (

At least Daddy cooperated. 

One more artist shot. 

Ethan was so brave walking on the wall

After our short walk we played with rocks and general "nature" stuff. 

I never get tired of this view!

A couple weeks later I went for a hike with my friend Brianna and we carried her daughter in the backpack most of the way.  But at the end she wanted to walk to the car.  She is really teething and she likes to walk while chewing on this blanket.... so cute!

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