Saturday, January 7, 2017

Us open 2016

I can't believe that life has been so busy that I am just now making the time to put up pictures from September.  How sad.  oh well, bet late than never.  I think this will get through this years pictures and then it will likely be the last of my posting for awhile.  : (
It was that time of year again... time for Mom and I to New York City and enjoy an awesome week of tennis. We few in on Wednesday and went straight into Manhattan for dinner .

Delicious Italian dinner before the show. 

Getting set to see Avenue Q

Avenue Q... Very funny and very enjoyable!

We always go to the M&M store when we are here... Who doesn't love a wall of sweet chocolate?!?!?

I love the new chairs in Time Square!

Times square!!

Lunch With Grandpa Kaplun!  We are in New York afterall might as well make a trip down to Brooklyn to see the in-laws. 

We went out to a Russian Restaurant and Mom got to try some authentic food.  

Love this.  It never gets old!!

The old the but good up close!!!

It is sooooo true!! NOTHING BEATS BEING HERE!!  

The new grandstand court is amazing!

I love my Mom!!!

Retiring party for Louis Armstrong!  

Tickets to the US Club was so worth it this year!  Especially with the temperatures in the 100's!

It just never gets old!  I love it!!!

I want this job!

Were back... I think we might have a slight USOpen Addiction problem!

Chillin' at the AMEX club!  I literally keep my Amex card active just so we can go here each year. 

All Smiles!!!

Uh Oh Dad!! She is in love with this!!!  She is giving a kiss not the finger by the way. 

Another amazing Match!!  Go Novack!!

Happy ladies!!

One morning before matches we went to the 9/11 memorial this year on 9/10/2016.  It was more powerful than I can put in words.  I didn't expect to be moved the way I was but I was literally stirred to my core and brought to tears.   May our world some day find a way to live in peace!

I thought this was the coolest thing ever!  It looks like a giant eye from the outside.  The symbolism was profound!

Hard to capture the inside in one picture but you get the idea. 

No words to it justice. 

Peace,... may we find a way to love each other rather than hate!

Enough tears, back to joy!!

Women's Finals

Rainbow over the bridge to the open. 

After many many many attempts we finally found this restaraunt mom has been wanting to go to!  It was so worth all of the efforts!!

Junior girls finals!  We will see them in the womens soon!  They were amazing!

Men's final!  I surprised mom and traded our seats for much much closer seats and they were amazing!!

Wine, Men's Finals, Close Seats, and amazing company... Who could ask for more!!

Go Novak!!!

View through the roof!

It was an amazing match!

It was another amazing year!  I didn't want it to end.  Guess we'll just have to do it again next year!

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