Saturday, January 7, 2017

They are just so cute!

now that Matthew is at school he loves to walk over to his schools playground and play... they have a great playground!

Oh Phantom... You are so handsome.  What a good boy you are!

What a handsome face!

My two boys all tired out from their walk. 

Nothing like a good game of tag to make you laugh!!!

I can't believe my big guy is six and growing up so fast!

Obis is so handsome and SO HUGE for 6 months of age!!

!Yes Obie... I am asking you to get in the car.  I can stand here all day waiting for you.... "kennel! Obie.  swear the car won't bite you!  Are you worried you won't fit or something?"

Pokemon hunting... so much fun!

My friend Melissa and I took our kids down to Sunflower farm for an afternoon.  The boys had so much fun!

Baby cows!  They were so sweet and drank from bottles that we fed them. 

Playing in the sand at Sunflower farms. 

What an cool swing!

Say Cheese!

The boys loved the old plane that was on the property.  they could have played there for hours I think if we would have let them. 

I love my boys so much!!!

Obie, can that really be comfortable

Sound asleep together.. so cute... who sleeps with their legs crossed like that?

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