Wednesday, March 24, 2010

fun day off

Today has been a really nice day off!  Anthony let me sleep all the way till 7am!  Then I took my hubby to Baby's R US, target and a consingment shop so he could get use to the idea of how expensive it is to have a baby.  I was proud of him, he only started hyperventalating twice, but he did at one point ask, "why can't we just change the baby on the coffee table?" (its glass by the way).  There are so many reasons why that I didn't even answer the question.   
View from our living room at 7am, the snow was so wet and heavy this time.

SNOW DAY!!!  The sounds of squealing kids having a blast sleeding filled our backyard all day.  It was great!

Later in the day Anthony and I played in the back yard in the melting snow. It doesn't look like much in the pictures but before it started melting there was almost a foot on the ground. And I have to give Ft collins creadit, the roads were perfectly clear by 8am. very impressive!

"I think there is something in there for me to get, I jsut know there is, I better pounce on it"

"what do you mean I can't dig.... but its so much fun and  there's really cool stuff under there."

"Ok, if you won't let me dig with my paws, I will just use my face instead."

"Look what I found.... ah come on mom, don't make me put it down.... please.... "

"Oh look, alex is coming out to play with us, yippeee!!"

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