Saturday, March 20, 2010


Spring weather in Colorado is always a bit crazy.  On Thursday it was 65 and sunny and absolutely gorgeous!  Then we woke up friday morning to a big snow storm.  When I got up a bit before 6am we already had about 5-6 inches on the ground.  Norahbelle had a great time running laps in the back yard.  She liked to put her whole head in the snow act like a plow.  It was really cute.

The pictures are a bit dark, because it was about 5:45 in the morning and still dark out.

I had just moved our patio furniture back out side!  UGH!

Norahbelle ran and ran and ran.  She had so much fun bounding and plowing through the snow.  And I had fun standing in the falling snow in my PJ's watching her.  Burrr!!

I feel like every spring I post a picture of my fresh covered in snow.   

Norahbelle saturday morning with a face full of snow.

On a different note Norahbelle was absolutely amazing at work on friday.  She slept on her pillow all day and was so calm when people came in.  The secret I found is to get her to be this calm during the day, you have to literally keep her up all night.  I was on call thursday night and was up most of the night on the phone dealing with situations on the birthing deck and new admissions at the hospital.  So every time I got up to answer a page or make a call, she got up with me. 

Narahbelle Sleeping in my office.

Everything considered, I have really enjoyed puppy sitting Norahbelle this week.  She is a challenge sometimes but over all she is a really good puppy and is very sweet and loves to cuddle - a big plus in my book.  But that being said, I have missed Anthony and can't wait to give the goofball a big hug on sunday.  

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