Saturday, March 13, 2010

"spring Break" fun

This week is spring break for the schools in Fort Collins.  So lots of GDB puppies are at sitters this week.  We are watching Norahbelle.  She is 7 months old, almost eight.  She is incredibly sweet but is a very high energy dog.  We still had Anthony until today and boy did the two puppies like to play!

Alex is trying to get the puppies to take a time out by separating them.  I am so proud of Anthony, he listens so well and would just sit and rest and stop playing whenever we told him to.  He is growing up to be such a great dog!

And with a tongue like this, how can you not love Norahbelle too?

Alex lets the puppies play "quietly" together. 

We had a bit of a problem with Norahbelle barking and whining in her kennel over night but she was her cheery self come morning.  The two pups had a great time playing tug in the back yard in the early morning sun today.  Alex found it a bit chilly at 6:30am but the dogs loved it.   What a great guy Alex is for getting up so early and playing with them while I got ready for work.  

Norahbelle catches her breath after playing out side.  I think it is so cute when she lays like this. 

Once the puppies got their morning energy out of them they were really very calm the rest of the morning - at least that's what Alex tells me.  I was at work all morning so he had to deal the with two goof balls until Guys came and picked up Anthony. 

Norahbelle and I had a lot of fun this afternoon when I got home from work.  It was sunny and 60 degrees out and I wanted to spend some time outside.... but since I was on call I couldn't go far.  So.... she helped me pick up a whole winters worth of dog poop out of our back yard.  Ymmmm, boy was that one of my favorite spring things to do!  Although I have to admit the weather made it bearable.  She then helped me rake the whole yard.  Both of us were exhausted when we finished!

Norahbelle, discovers Bree and really wants to smell her.  

Unfortunately, Bree doesn't particularly like being smelled by puppies and swatted her on the nose causing Norahbelle to go flying backwards.  Silly animals.  If only you could here the noises that goes with these pictures!  We are working on teaching her to leave Bree alone but it has been a challenge so far, and Bree doesn't help by constantly walking right in front of her. 

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