Monday, March 15, 2010

Let sleeping dogs lie

Norahbelle did fairly well at work with me today.  She whined a bit at the end of the day when she really just wanted to go play and didn't want to sit and be quiet any more.  She also chewed a big whole in the dog bed I have at work, so she spent most of the day sleeping on the hard floor.  We went for a long walk when we got home from work and then she decided to play with the kitty the rest of the evening.  When she finally settles down in the evening, she chooses to sleep in the strangest of places.  One of her favorite is wrapped around her water bowl.  The other is shown below.

I am not sure why she thinks this is a fun place to sleep except that there is a hot water pipe running under the tile here and the floor is actually warm. 

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