Monday, August 15, 2011

A fun hike

Yesterday Alex and I took Matthew for a hike in one of the natural areas up the Poudre Canyon.  We had intended to only go about a mile to the lake but ended up hiking about 3 miles each way.   Here are a few pictures from the day.
Daddy and Matthew out on the trail. 

We hiked around and then up and over... and eventually ended up at the lake and found a secluded part and went swimming. 

Matthew just squealed with laughter.  He loves water. 

Mom and her boy. 

We hiked from the other side of the lake up and over the hills to this spot.  

Matthew wanders the beach.

After much bouncing, singing and shhhhing we got matthew to finally sleep for a few minutes.  We then started hiking back when..... I suddenly heard a rattle and looked down.... there was a rattle snake two inches from my foot.   I jumped, held matthew tighter, and ran.  Scared the snot out of me! 

The boys on the way back. 

Matthew cried the whole way back to the car and then as is typical for him, feel asleep right as we got to the car. 

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