Monday, August 22, 2011


I have been missing Vigo so much lately.  He is now in phase 6.  I wish he would just graduate or fail... the waiting is killing me.  Hopefully we should know soon if we are getting a puppy on the next truck or not.   I was missing a puppy so much the other day that I "borrowed" my friend Brianna's guide dog puppy Irene for about 4 days.  It was so great to have a puppy around.  Irene is such a sweet snuggle bug and I just adore her.

Zora (friend's pet dog), Irene and Jorinda (GDB puppies) playing on the deck.... 

"Please can't we all come in and join the birthday party?"

After the party Irene helped me clean up by checking out and eating the left over ice.  She would dig in it and then stick her whole face down in the ice.  Burr...

Check back later this week for more puppy pictures, we are puppy sitting little Petunia this coming week and Rhubarb this coming weekend.  

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