Sunday, August 21, 2011

Matthew Turns one

I can't believe my boy is one!  I feel like just the other day I was pregnant and on bed rest snuggling with a baby Vigo.  Now vigo is in phase 6 at GDB and Matthew is running around the house.  I know everyone says it... but man how time flies.

Matthew's actual birthday was last Monday but we celebrated it this weekend with a party for family and friends.
This was on Monday on his actual birthday.  He hates having clothes on but he didn't even try to take off the crown. 

Birthday boy on his throne!  He loves to watch us go pee.  So we bought him a potty to sit on.  He sits on it with his diaper on and watches us go in the real potty. 

The birthday party....

My friend Brianna took pictures for me so that I could enjoy the party.  I am so thankful for my wonderful friends here!

Daddy and the Birthday boy.

We gathered around the cake to sing, Matthew watched, not quite sure what to think. 

"Mmmmm.... my own little cake"

What fun!


This was one of my favorite gifts... so true!

"Silly  mommy....  don't put a bow on my head..."

Matthew loved his gifts but he got the biggest kick out of playing with two of the hangers.... go figure. 

And just so you don't think my son is always smiling...   fuss fuss fuss..... 

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Raiser Erin said...

Oh gosh! I too cannot believe that this much time has passed. I'm just coming to realise that I'm going into my second year of University. Time does fly!