Sunday, January 8, 2012

A fantastic day!

My friend Brianna and I went snowshoeing in Estes Park today.  I had such a great time!!!  I bought Matthew a new back pack and everything and everything.  It was super comfortable!  Enjoy the pictures below.

"Yo dude... you down with a hike?"  


It was such a beautiful day! Matthew really seemed to enjoy the hike.  Whenever I stopped, he would kick his legs and say "mama go"

Nymph lake


Mother and Son!

Dream lake really is a dream... It doesn't get prettier than this!

Beautiful...yet the wind was fierce... it was so cold that I was afraid that Matthew's nose would freeze!  : ) 

Two ladies and a man.

Can you tell that is is freezing?  The wind was bitter!!!!

Matthew is SOUND asleep by this point./

Can you find my boy in that pile of hats and scarfs?

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