Monday, January 30, 2012

A great snowshoe

Alex and I took Matthew for a great snowshoe hike this past sunday.  We packed up and hiked up to about 12,000 feet up to the Loch in Rocky mountain park.  It was so sunny and we had a great time!  Below are some pictures. 

While we were packing up the care Matthew rode his buzz light year car around in his long underwear and hat.  What a cute silly boy!

Up and up we went!  Alex was so sweet and carried Matthew on the way up.  I carried him down. 

And Up and Up.  The winter trail goes up the creek bed. This part is actually over what is a huge waterfall in the summer.  If you look wak down you can see little blobs, those are people at the bottom of the steep climb.  Alex made it 2/3rds of the way up with Matthew and then I had to take over.  It is seriously hard to climb straight up with a 17 month old on your back when you are at nearly 12, 000 feet!  The final view was totally worth it though!  What was even more fun than climbing up is literally slidding / rolling back down. 

The Loch!  We made it!  It was windy but spectacular!

Take a deep breath of this view and find peace!

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