Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Petunia update

Petunia spent some time with Virginia (a great raiser in our club) a few weeks ago. Maddie (co-raiser) and I have been working really hard to implement her recommendations. And oh my gosh... I thinks it's begining to work.

She is still a very high energy dog but she is responding to positive praise so much better than negative corrections. She is never allowed alone an is ALWAYS at our side - yep even in the bathroom. we are not keeping her on a tie down anymore and instead keep her tied to our waists at all times.

What is exciting is that others have noticed a chamge in her too. This week I have literally had 5+ people at work ask me which dog I had with me. When I said "oh this is still petunia" they were all shocked and commented on how much calmer she is now.
It is really hard to not let her get excited and to not let her play with other guide dog puppies.... But if it helps her become a guide dog then it is worth it!
Thanks Virginia for your help! The picture below is petunia snuggling in a corner during a group pregnancy visit I was running today.

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Raiser Erin said...

High energy dogs are always tough. I'm so glad that the recommendations are working for you and Petunia. :)