Sunday, December 14, 2014

Life is crazy!

We have been so busy lately so below are some photos of the happenings. 

Matthew is ecstatic about the construction utensils and plates that he got!

Poor sick ethan, Trying his best to make it through dinner.

My poor sick ethan. 

Ethan had a lot of fun climbing in and out of the boxes.

The Boys are staring to enjoy wrestling and rolling around with each other. They sure are Boys that's for sure.

Grandma and Ethan at Thanks Giving Dinner at Sunrise Ranch.

What a handsome young man at 17 months.

Ethan thought the ride on horse (or is it a cow?) was so much fun!

"yumm!! Rice!"

Ethan thought it was so funny to put this in his nose!  He was right... it was funny!

"Um, Mom.... I seem to be stuck in this toy bin...."

They opened a Dunkin Doughnuts in Fort Collins!  So of course we had to go there on Sunday morning for doughnuts!

Alex was home for a few days and took Matthew skiing at Loveland for the Day. They had a blast!

"look what I did while you were putting ethan to bed?  Aren't you as proud as I am?"

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