Sunday, December 14, 2014

Oh phantom!!!!

Phantom has recently been career changed due to being a garbage mouth.  I left him at home for just over an hour and when I came home he had destroyed a box of tampons and eat a few of them.  UGH!!  we thought they all cam out but two weeks later he started vomiting several times a day.  Long story short... He had tampons stuck in his stomach.  The vet had to induce vomiting and get them out. 

A very sleepy and sedated Phantom after getting the tampons out.
Two days after Phantom was career changed he became very ill and would not walk.  He was dragging his back legs.  It was so scary.  it was 10 pm the night before thanksgiving. So I rushed him to the CSU vet school emergency room.   They grabbed him out of my arms and rushed him to the back.  Several hours later he was not doing well and was rushed to surgery. There they found that his stomach was blocked and was full of plastic "bugs"  SERIOUSLY PHANTOM!!!! WTF!!!  We had these for Halloween and the kids had apparently spilled some in the back yard.  After he was career changed I let him run in the back yard.  What a bad decision on my part!  He spent three days in the ICU and eventually came home a cut up and drugged but healthy puppy.  Poor little guy.

On the Left, the Halloween toys he ate.  Right top, a very drugged phantom.  Right bottom - poor Phantom's tummy.

A very sleepy puppy on tramadol and recovering from the whole ordeal.

"are you talking about me again?  I am not getting up... it hurts too much so I will just glare at you."

Phantom on tramadol.  He was so dopy!

I really did feel bad for the poor guy, but still.... stop eating crap!

Sleepy boy.

Duffy drugged phantom

"yes I know I'm not suppose to be on the couch but you lifted me up here since I can't jump and I'm career changed so, I don't see what the problem is...."

Up close and personal

Now that he is career changed he can "legally" snuggle with me on the bed.

Phantom!  Why do you have yogurt all over your face?  No really, why?

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