Sunday, August 9, 2015

My New Porch

My summer project this summer was making our back porch something actually usable.   I put down tile so when the kids fall they won't hurt themselves.  Then I bought a bunch of swings for the boys and hung them from the deck.  Then I put together a giant climbing mountain, a trampoline and then a see saw spinney thing.  I covered as much of it as I could with sun sails for shade and then I started work on a section for adults.  I cleared out all of the crud that was there and put in mat flooring, got an outdoor sofa and a propane fire pit.   Then last but not least I hung up cute little lights for at night.  I am not completely done but so far I am very pleased with the result.  It has been worth all the work!

My Adult Oasis

I love the fireplace!!!  Don't worry it has a control on it so that I won't burn down the house.  I likely will move it out on to the mulch to actually use it anyways - just to be extra safe. 

Ethan - who is suppose to be in bed - enjoyed helping me take pictures. 

Another view of my wonderful little spot!!1

View from the couch....makes me so happy!

The kids space

The climbing mountain!

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