Sunday, August 2, 2015

Oh boys!!!

The boys are just so much fun!

Off on a wagon ride with Grandma!

Air show with Grandpa!!!!  He got to go in the Bombers and has not stopped talking about it since. 

Boys!!!!  No no no!  you both can not sleep in my bed.  I'm serious... now stop laughing. 

Ethan turned two a few days weeks ago and suddenly learned to climb out of his crib.  Now getting his to go to bed is SUCH a challenge.  This is him suprising me at 10 pm...  "HI Mom!  Look I got up and am  not sleeping... and I am not going to go to sleep.... And I am happy about it.... Why do you not seem to be happy?

Finally I got them both asleep but.... UGH both in my bed.... Oh well, they are so cute and snugly, I don't mind to much. 

Oh dang it... they are just so cute when they sleep.

How can I get them to stay so sweet.... Do they have to grow up. 

Bubbles in bed???  what?  When did that become a thing?

"I want a buckeye! Thanks mom.... Look.... I shoved the entire thing in my mouth at once.... isn't that awesome!!!"

Oh now this is too cute!!!  Ethan would not go to sleep unless he was next to "NaNa".  NaNa was so tired so that he zonked out right way and ethan curled up to him and finally fell asleep. 

Brothers are so sweet!

I don't think that Matthew wanted to be snuggled any more.  But seriously, who can sleep practically upside down hanging off the bed?

Matthew got invited into the Black Belt Club at his Dosha and he was super excited as it is a big honor.  This is him before his first Black Belt Club class.  He was super happy to be wearing the BBC blue pants!  

Daddy was home for the weekend and the boys and I were so happy to have him with us!

Black belt club class!  Matthew LOVED it!

Poor ethan.... summer colds are no fun and he's getting his last molar on top of it... It's hard to be two!

My friend Kit and I escaped our families for a night at the Spring Creek Gardens fundraiser dinner.  - it was a fun evening!

Fire!  Marshmallows!!  It doesn't get any better!

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