Sunday, August 2, 2015


Since Eddie went back to California at five months I have been with out a puppy for awhile and I have really been missing the little guys.  So I offered my puppy services and ended up getting two at once.   it was great!

Luke is 15 weeks old, so super cute and really sweet. 

Look at this face!!

Oh he is just too cute and look how long and big his legs are for 15 weeks!!  He's gonna be huge. 

Irene joined us and she enjoyed Luke for a bit but got worn out pretty quickly. 

Matthew really enjoys the puppies and likes to pretend that he is in charge.... look at him walking around the puppies in the yard making sure that they behave. 

Here he is telling Luke how he should walk next to him. 

I went to sleep with an empty bed and then woke up with Matthew next to me and then a bit later work up to a strange sound and found that Irene had not only climbed into bed with us but was up on Alex's pillow snoring away.  

Irene gives such good snuggles. 

I found Irene twice on the ledge where Bree eats... the funny things is though that once she got up there she got stuck and couldn't get down.  She is so sweet though!

It felt so good have a puppy back at work with  me.   Luke is sooooooo sweet!

Please please please can't I sit in the front.... Please.... I don't like the back. 

"See I told you that I didn't like the back.... But um.... I appear to be stuck between the window and the seat.... um... can you help me out here a bit?"

Luke at Yoga with me, one of his first outings after getting his shots. 

I just really loved having a puppy back with me at work. 

Luke did great going to the hair saloon with me... I was there nearly 3 hours and he did great!

That is one tired puppy.... we came in from running errands and went straight to his blanket and crashed. 
Our new puppy arrives August 21st and it couldn't get her soon enough!

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