Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting ready for parties

Alex and I are hosting several different Holiday parties in the next few weeks.  The first one is this coming Sunday and is the Guide Dog for The Blind Fort Collins Party.  It is one of my favorite GDB events of the year.  We all get together, eat good food, play with the puppies,exchange gifts, and  sometimes dress up the puppies in silly holiday hats.  When I was at Petsmart the other day I bought a bunch of holiday hats for the party and I tried them on Anthony and Bree tonight - I would say they got "mixed" reviews at best.

"I refuse to submit.... I will not look at you, I will not look at you, I will not look at you:".

Reindeer Kitty - "I mean REALLY, do I look like I could pull a sleigh to you?"

Santa Kitty - "You leave for vacation for a week, I stay home and take good care of the house and this is the payback I get.  I mean really, next time you go on vacation I'm tearing up the couch!"

"ppptttthhhhhhh!!!!  Humans suck!"

"look ma - when I move I make all sorts of jingle noise!"

"Boy that was a long shift at the toy factory today, that Santa, he sure is a slave driver.  I need a nap."

"I mean seriously, no respect!"

"I am being patient because I love you but having blinking antlers on my head is just not good for my manly image!"

"fine then ...I am just going to go to sleep and pretend like this isn't happening"

"Somebody help me! How many of these silly hats does she have? This is so humiliating!"

"Could you explain to me again exactly why you think this is cute?"

After I was done torturing the poor animals I asked Alex to take a quick pic with me and Anthony for perspective so y'all could tell how much he has grown lately.  He is really filling out and is becoming a "teenager", he will be 7 months this coming week. 

He may not be growing a ton taller but he is for sure growing wider and bulkier!

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