Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yard work

I had the day off today and I thought that before we have another big snow storm I better get some of the fall yard work done.  I didn't want to put Anthony in a crate but at the same time I didn't want him eating the entire yard and puking it back up this afternoon.  So I took a piece of fleece fabric and tied his leash to my waist.  Who would have thought that trimming bushes and raking up leaves with a puppy tied to your waist would be such a challenge!  But none the less we had a lot of fun.  Anthony enjoyed wrapping the leash around me until I would fall over and then he would try and lick me to death.  He also really liked to try and jump on and attack the rake, he thought it was a fun toy.  But at least I could keep an eye on him this way and keep him from eating anything.  The front yard is all trimmed and ready for winter so now if only winter will wait until I have time to do the back yard we will be all set.

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