Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We went to the show Ka last night and it was AMAZING!!!!!!  It was not at all what we expected but was even better.  The chairs had speakers in the headrests so it sounded like it was all right around you.  The stage and effects was like nothing I have ever seen before!!!

Alex joked around a lot and called the show "ka ka" before we saw it but it was anything but! This is Alex the morning before the show making fun of the show - Ka Ka....Ha ha ha my husband is soooo funny.
Pre show snack!  Yumm!

Cool entrance at Bellagio.

Me after the show in the atrium at Bellagio.

Cool talking tree in Bellagio Atrium.

Another talking tree and huge pumpkin at Bellagio.

See below for the big post from yesterday.

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