Friday, November 27, 2009

The last of Las Vegas

Alex and I came home today after a great week in Sin City.  I posted two posting while we were there but here is that last of our adventures.  At least the parts I can put on the blog....he he...just kidding.

We had free tickets to the "Eiffel Tower Experience".  It normally costs 12bucks, which I think is a rip off, but it's kind of fun when its free.  The lights of the strip are beautiful.  Here are a few different views from the top:


The Bellagio fountains went off while we were up there and they were even more amazing from above!

The Lions at the MGM had two babies and OMG are they just the cutest things ever. My pictures didn't turn out that great because they were behind really thick glass but take my word for it, they were so tiny, fuzzy and cute.

For thanksgiving Alex and I went out to another show and then went to a club that was on top of the Rio.  The views from the top were spectacular and in my opinion, better than from the top the of Eiffel tower at the Paris Hotel.
Celebrating Thanksgiving on top of the Rio at the Voodoo Lounge.

View from the top of the Rio

View in the other direction.

Overall we had a great time in Las Vegas.  The shows were great, the food was fantastic and we didn't loose more than about $20 at the penny slots.  I only have one complaint, Americans are getting fatter and fatter all the time.  Places like Vegas definitely promote obesity, God knows I probably gained 10 pounds while I was there, but.....  Vegas now rents motorized wheelchairs.  Now this is a great thing for the elderly who can't walk the strip or for those with disabilities but these were not the people using them.  They were used primarily by the very obese.  I guess I just find it offensive when they get all righteous and expect everyone to move out of their way so they don't have to wait in line at the buffet.  It would do them so much more good to burn a few calories and actually walk a few feet to get their food.   Anyway, it was nice to be back in somewhat healthy state of Colorado.

View from the plane on the way home.

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