Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Backyard friend

When we first moved into our house we had problems with moles in our back yard.  They made tons of babies and really made a giant mess out of our lawn.  We tried everything to make them go away but they wouldn't.  Then last year they suddenly disappeared.  We suspected that we must have a snake in our yard that was eating them.  We finally found the snake at the end of the summer and it was really tiny, I think there are actually two of them.

Well the snakes survived the winter again and Bree found them the other day and, I have never seen our cat run so fast back into the house in all my life.  Can a cat really be afraid of a snake?  This morning it was out sunbathing so I snapped a picture.  Its grown a lot.

I took this one from the deck with my zoom, I was afraid it would run away if I got to close.

I walked up close to it and got a better picture.  Anyone know what kind of snake it is?  I appreciate it helping to keep our backyard rodent free. 


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Can you send that snake to me? I have a terrible problem with moles!!! My neighbor thinks that moles won't go in yards with dogs because dogs dig. He doesn't believe me that my dogs don't dig (he still doesn't understand all the rules associated with PITs) *grin*

lauren said...

I'd rather have moles! Snakes scare the CRAP out of me!

Carrie and Waffle said...

green and white stripes in s. cali that is a garter snake, might be the same