Saturday, May 8, 2010

A fun family outing.

Alex and I have been waiting for the weather to be nice on the weekend so we could go down to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.   We finally had a nice sunny yet cool day.  So we packed up Anthony and headed down to the Springs.   It was a great day and it felt so good to be out for a hike!  Below are a bunch of pictures from the day.

The view from the car heading into Colorado Springs - That is Pikes Peak in the distance - it is over 14,000ft tall. 

View from the car of part of the park.

Alex and Anthony at the beginning of our walk.

Today was really good training for Anthony.  He is a fantastic dog but his two greatest weaknesses are kids and other dogs.  This park was absolutely overflowing with both.  It was a great opportunity to work on his distraction problems.   By the end of the 2 mile hike he was doing a lot better. 

Say Cheese

That's a big rock.

I forgot my set of filters at home and I was too tired tonight to mess with my pictures in the computer so forgive me if some of the pictures are not the best quality.

Anthony poses for us again.

It was actually really hard to take pictures of Anthony alone today.  There were so many people and other dogs around that I didn't want to let go of his leash.  We had to wait until there were gaps in the crowd.  And in a lot of the pictures Alex is actually standing right by him, I just took it so you can't see him.  Anthony is so good at the wait command that I probably could take pictures of him with a circus behind me but I am always cautious. 

What a pretty and patient boy!

Anthony and I take a breather. 

I just couldn't help taking pictures of the goofball with such pretty backgrounds. 

View as we climbed up the hill side.

Don't worry he is not really on the edge of a cliff, it just looks that way.  Can you see pikes peak in the background?

Both Alex and Anthony were so patient today with my constant picture taking.  I love them both so much!

Alex asked me to crawl up in the rocks for a picture,  It was a bit challenging with my "bump" but I made it.  

One last shot as we headed out.  

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