Monday, May 24, 2010

Starting on the nursery

This past weekend we decided to start putting together the nursery.  We had received the crib and changing table we ordered a week or so ago and it has been sitting in our front room like a giant present just calling out to me "put me together....  you know you want to!"

Alex starting to put the crib together.

We moved into the nursery as we realized that once it was together it wouldn't fit though the doorway.  I only had to suggest that we "read the directions" a few times before we actually started using them. : )

And of course the puppies helped us throughout the whole process.  We were watching Betsy this weekend and had a surprise visit from miss Eve when she unexpectedly went into heat again.  She got to come play with us for the day so her raisers could go to a wedding party.  Don't periods just ruin everything sometimes?  Eve would have had fun at the party, but I think she enjoyed playing with us and Betsy too.   

Towards the end of putting the changing table together Bree, our cat, joined us to sit on the directions and make sure we knew what we were doing.  

The end product.  We're not done yet, but it is at least a start.  

My favorite part is the comforter.   Is it a surprise to anyone that we went with a puppy theme?

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Mrs. H said...

Thank you so much for watching Eve! You guys are the best!