Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guide Dog Outing

Today was our monthly GDB outing.  I have both Irene and Petunia right now so I figured I had to go.  Outings are not my favorite GDB thing, seeing as I feel I take our puppy so many places that the outings are kind of pointless.... but they're required...blah blah blah....   With my husband deathly ill and my self not much better, I stayed for only about an hour.  I recently got my camera lens back from the repair center so I wanted to see if it was really fixed.... so I snapped a few shots. 

About half of the FC GDB gang at the Loveland Sculpture Gardens. 

Petunia checks out a wolf sculpture.

The group during the walk. Petunia is with Maddie (co-raiser) second from left.

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