Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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Random pictures of life.....

The boys have taken to sleeping in a queen mattress on the floor together... so cute when they sleep!

This is a picture on Ethan's report form Daycare.   Now I am assuming that the teacher did not realize that the little boy/girl (not sure) on the right is looking up the other girls skirt in the picture?  It made laugh so hard!!!

Fun at the park!!

He can climb all the way up now all by him self!

Hop with Daddy... notice Ethan is still in his PJ's.  Yep he's two for sure!!!  You would think we were cutting off limbs when we try and get him to change in the mornings. 

Oh this puppy is just too much!

Oh good grief... its a huge kennel, why are you smoothing your face into the corner?  Just to make me smile?  Well, thanks, it did! 

Fun at day care!

"Yeah!!  Look I made a tower!!!"  

Again... tiny creatures are just so cute when they sleep!

"I am going to starve to death if you don't feed me soon... it is 30 minutes past 5pm... I just can't make it much longer..."

Getting a bath together after a play date brawl

I was getting the boys to sleep one night and I put willoughby on my lab while I was reading them books.  We all ended up falling asleep and when I woke up a few hours later, this was the silly puppy between my feet. 

I woke up one morning this week and at some point the boys had climbed into my bed... I was under this pile and had to wiggle my way out to get up.  How I ever did any sleeping is still a mystery. 

Sun set on my way home today. 

Checking things out. 

"Can we be done now, PLEASE?"

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