Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Puppy update

Willoughby is getting older and he is growing so fast!  

"Hi.... do you think I could get out of this pen?  I am really not feeling it much any more"

What are you doing!  That is not where puppies go. 

Phew... life is tough. 

Another Willoughby portrait. 

Close up

Jeff making the Willougby face.... look at the size of his belly!  He's such a round puppy!

Kiki at a meeting being such a good girl... "kibble???"  "I'm being good.. Kibble please!"

"no I will not!  I will not walk to the car.  You can't make me!!"

Really???  Again?!?!  There is no way you could reach the shred bin.  What magic powers did you use to get that paper?

"You do not see the paper under my paw.  This is not the paper you are looking for"

Caught in the action. 

What?  Why are you IN the table?

Now that is a unique way to ride in the car.  

Sound asleep in a meeting ... I hope the person next to me doesn't move too quickly. 

Again, what a strange way to ride...

Matthew playing in the kennel with Kiki. 

Irene had Willoughby over for a play date.  I am pretty sure that had a blast.... sorry for the butt shot. 

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