Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rapids game

My friends Kit and Jeff have season's tickets to the Rapids - Denver's professional soccer team.  They took Matthew and I for a game last weekend.  Matthew had a blast!

They brought a scarf for Matthew to wear.  He wasn't sure what it was all about until he saw all the other fans with ones and how they used them.  

Jeff is teaching Matthew what to do with the scarf during the announcement of the starting players. 

How cute is that!!!!  These two boys were both very excited to be here. 

View from our seats. 

In the beginning he really put forth an effort tot try and understand the game. 

But then we got cotton candy and he pretty much focused on that for a good portion of the game. 

Intently watching the game all covered in Cotton Candy.  I think that is a sign that he enjoyed him self, I know I did!

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