Sunday, October 11, 2015

Oh Willoughby, what are we going to do with you?

Oh what silly things puppies do.... they are as silly as kids, if not more.

So he is sound asleep and his paw is literally poking up into the air.

Speaking of silly sleepers, The boys had been doing a really good job of sleeping in Matthew's bed together..... But last week one night I came up to go to bed and found them taking up most of my bed.  

"um guys, I really like this little kids sofa and all, but um....... It seems to be shrinking.... "

"I heard you say WILLOUGHBY COME and I know I am not suppose to be upstairs by myself, but um.... I can't figure out how to get to you...."

I asked Matthew to watch Willoughby while I took a shower and when I gout out this is what I found.  Matthew said he put him in his kennel so he couldn't get into any trouble. 

"Look at what a good boy I'm being.... I'm sleeping and I'm not on a tie down either..."

I heard Willoughby snoring so I new he was near by me sleeping but when I got up from doing work I couldn't find him.  I finally found him in the corner wedged between the blankets.  

These two boys just love each other. 

Ethan however did not really enjoy playing with Matthew in the Kennel.  He put himself in there but then couldn't figure out how to get out.   

"Do I really have to stay in my kennel while you guys go to the pumpkin patch???  Look at these sad eyes of such a tortured and unloved puppy.... You know you want to take me with you..."

I ran into the basement to get some legos for the boys, and was gone all of 45 seconds.  When I came back up WilloughBUTT had claimed on to the couch and settle right in.    I think he may have been enticed by the cookie crumbs that Matthew left there.   That's a good excuse anyways. 

Look how proud I am to be wearing by "big boy" collar at 16 weeks already. 

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