Saturday, October 3, 2015

puppies!!! They are just so cute!!!

Our new Puppy Willoughby and his Sister are just so stinking cute!  And it is so great to have a puppy that I can work with.  

What a big 12 week old puppy... and so sweet. 

Awe, my dirty laundry just smells so good to him apparently. 

Play date with his sister Waikiki

Phew, worn out and time for a nap

"Um mom, I was on a tie down and I seem to have found a way to climb through this big hole I found  in the mountain and now I seem to be a bit stuck.... suggestions?"

Kit giving the big and squishy boy some loving at work. 

What good puppies laying and chewing on bones and being calm..... for 30 seconds anyways. 

A BATH?  Really?  I have to have a Bath?

Waikiki has such a beautiful face!

Hi... I'm just laying here being good... really I am.

Oh sweet little willoughby.... fell asleep on my lab and then I set him down and he didn't move. 

Work is so exhausting when you are 3 months old. 

Would we call this a chin pillow?

Matthew Playing tug... 

At a sitter's house and using Miss Riley's bed as a pillow and oh, he's also laying right on top of an AC vent.  Oh and have I pointed out what a total CHUNK he is?

Death by chew toys?

His best side... notice his adorable freckle on his upper lip. 

It's so exhausting to be a little puppy

This was at a sitter's house and not mine so I am not responsible for the GDB unapproved behavior in this one but it was just way too cute not to share. 

Oh good grief Willoughby have some modesty will you?

"no one can see me... If I lay really still the boys won't know I'm here...."

"oh drat!  you found me"

I watched Kiki at work for a day and she looks so tiny compared to her huge brother. 

"What?  It's a bone... it really is, really."

Irene (career changed GDB puppy) came to stay for a weekend with us and Willoughby just loved her company.  And the bonus was that she completely wore him out. 

Awe, they are so cute when the snuggle their animals!

So cute!!!!

The boys wouldn't go to sleep and Willoughby was trying to eat everything so I put him up on my lap to snuggle and then they all finally fell asleep.  I couldn't resist taking a picture.   Don't worry, I explained to him that he is not allowed on beds. 

Again, so cute when they sleep!

Brother and sister at work for two hour period while we were waiting for Kiki's raiser.   They behaved "fairly" well. 

Um Willoughby, we have a company that picks up our paper that needs to be shredded.  You don't need to do it for us.  

Wow, how does he sleep like that.  What a goof. 

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