Thursday, October 22, 2015

Still such a WilloughBUTT!

The Willoughby is growing up so fast.  He loves going on outings and is such a "prancer"

Big boy in his big boy collar!

Halloween is coming up so of course we have to start playing with costumes!!!!

Such a cute jail bird!

One of the new puppies in the Boulder club... she is such a fuzz ball!!!

Willoughby the Caterpillar!  "So humiliating!"

So Tired

A face only a mother can love!

Brother and Sister being very good at a funeral to a much loved Guide Dog Club member. 

"Quick!  Look cute and maybe we will get a kIbble."

"What?  I know you just ran into the post office to grab a book of stamps from the machine but  I got a runny nose and  needed some tissues"

Going up to bed one night Willoughby bolted and went to Matthew's room .   I guess he wanted to sleep on the fuzzy blankets instead of his kennel. 

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