Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Anthony really has been a great puppy so far. He hasn't destroyed anything that he wasn't suppose to... until this morning. Alex and I were waking up this morning and were listening to Anthony chewing on his bone. At least we thought it was his bone he was chewing on. As it turns out he wasn't actually chewing on his bone but rather was chewing his leash in two. I can hear Carol and Shawna already telling us that if we were using the create instead of nice doggie beds then he won't have anything to chew through. : ) I know, but what can I say, we are softies.

"You think I chewed off my leash, no it wasn't me, I swear I didn't do it. Would a face this sweet lie to you?"

In addition to chewing his leash, he has woken us up at exactly 3am the past two nights vomiting. One night it was a bit of food and last night it was a small bit of grass. But by the sound of it you would have thought it was his entire stomach coming up. Nothing like cleaning up puppy puke at 3am. I am still not sure how he manage to sneak the grass past me.

That being said, He really has been an angle. Although those were not the words Alex used this morning when he bent down to take something out of Anthony's mouth and found that he had the bag with Bailey's (our recently passed cat) ashes in it. Where on earth he got this from we have no idea! On a good note, he has gone to work with me all week and has done an amazing job. He has been so calm and hasn't chewed or tried to eat anything in my office. Everybody loves him and I think even our kitty Bree is starting to warm up to him.

Anthony, just like Gardner, loves to ride with his face smooshed in between the chair and the gear shift.

Anthony turned 15 weeks yesterday and next week he will get his 4 month shots and then he will be able to go everywhere with us. I can't wait to be able to take him out!

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