Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stinky, Stinky, Stinky

One thing that Alex and I love about our house is that it is on three small lakes/ponds. This past week however, we have not loved it at all! The city of Fort Collins installed aerators in the ponds but they some how messed up and in the process of putting them in stirred up over a hundred years of sediment on the bottom of the lakes. This released a ton of sulfurous gas into the water and AIR! It smells like a horrible giant rotten egg at our house. And to make matter worse the sulfur killed all the fish in the lake and so there are tons of birds swooping in and eating the dead fish. They can't seem to eat them all fast enough though and they have started to rot. So now it smells like rotten eggs and rotten fish. YUCK!!! And just when it is starting to get so cool and nice out in the evenings. Oh well, they tell us that the lovely odors should only last another 2-3 weeks. Here's Hoping!

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lauren said...

Okay, that's just GROSS!