Friday, August 14, 2009

Videos up

Greetings all! I finally found some time to post a few videos of Anthony playing with Alex and a few of Anthony and Eve playing. You can find them by going to Youtube and searching sjohns981 or pasting the following link into your browser.

We have the big fundraiser tomorrow - GAB Car Wash and bake sale. I hope a lot of people show up. I baked over 5 different kinds of homemade cookies for people to buy. I love to bake but it took a lot of effort so I hope people stop and buy them and get their cars washed. Check back tomorrow for pictures of the event.

One other bit of news, Dusty (The beautiful yellow lab that we use to puppy sit about every other weekend) GRADUATED!!! Congrats Dusty! Now here is hoping we can raise enough money to buy her "human" a nice harness for her. We have had several other puppies graduate recently too! And Gabrina and Bloomer have both made it to the next level to become potential breeders. This is a big honor so way to go girls!

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