Saturday, August 22, 2009

A swimming kitty?

Bree loves to come walk around the bath with Alex and I whenever we are in the tub. She likes to dip her paws in and tries to drink the water, even if there are bubbles. But today I decided to put her in the bath and see what she would do. Well, as it turns out, she loved the water! I held her and she just paddled around and was completely up to her ears in the water. Ok, so she wasn't purring but she also wasn't upset either (i.e. no claws, no meowing).

I wish I could have taken pictures of her actually in the bath swimming around, it was so cute, but that wouldn't have been decent. So I just snapped some pictures of her after I dried her off a bit.

She wouldn't stop liking her self, as if that was going to make her dry. : )

Look how skinny her tail looks.

She is still cute even wet.

Who ever said that a wet cat looks like a drowned rat was right!!

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