Sunday, August 30, 2009

oh my aching muscles!

Alex and I love being home owners but there are some days when we become aware of how much work it can be. We have been putting off laying new mulch in our yard for quit some time and finally decided we need to just get it done. Well, 6 hours later with very very sore backs we had put down over 6 cubic yards of mulch. That is a ton of mulch.

I forgot to take a pic before we got started but here is the mark left on the driveway by the giant pile that was over 5 feet tall and as wide as the mark.

While putting down the mulch we found all sorts of cool wildlife; a three foot long beautiful snake that was very interested in us, a gazillion EXTREMELY large (bigger than a quarter) spiders and of course a "jungle kitty".

Early yesterday morning I was up getting the yard ready for new mulch and I snapped a few pics that I thought were worth sharing.

We have yellow snap dragons that just pop up like weeds all over our yard in the strangest places. I use to love these flowers as a kid, I liked to make them talk.

This was a beautiful spider web filled with morning dew.

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