Friday, August 21, 2009

A rough morning for anthony

I got up this morning and found our teething puppy chewing on a sock. Where he got this from I don't know as there were none around him when we went to bed. How he manages to find random things I will never understand. We worked with corrections and now he wants nothing to do with the sock. I decided to trim his very long nails and that is where his troubles began....

I trimmed all of his nails with no problems and then I noticed a big long one on the inside of his right front paw. And just as I trimmed it he moved and .... of course I cut it to short and then we had blood going everywhere. Poor little guy. We tried the stop bleeding stick and pressure for over 45 minutes but it was still oozing. So... Alex and I being the "medical" people that we are bandaged it up. In the process of dealing with his paw we noticed that overnight he had developed a large bump on his penis. When I touched it it squired out loads of puss and blood. YUCK!

The poor puppy, not only did he get corrections for chewing a large whole in a sock but he now has a bandaged paw and a large pimple on his penis. What a morning!

Anthony showing off his cute little band-aid.

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