Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Pics and Day # 2

So it is 4pm in Bangkok which makes it 4AM in Colorado.  Alex is in our room taking a nap, but I was afraid if I laid down again I wouldn't get up till tomorrow.  I didn't want a repeat of last night so I decided to go blog. 

Today was fun.   Bangkok has a HUGE Chinese population so we spent most of the day wandering through Chinatown and neighbouring "india - town".  We also wandered through a several of the many markets here  in Bangkok.  Oh, and of course we went and got another message at the end of the day.  We are planning to go to this really neat night flower market tonight, if I can stay awake.  : ) 

Below are a few more pictures from yesterday and today:

Typical street food spread.  Yum!

Inside the Grand Palace

Ornaments on the side one of the many temples in the Grand Palace.   (I am so glad I brought my "real" camera - it is totaly worth the weight of carring it!)

The lotus buds/flowers are amazing!

The reclining Buddha.  It was huge, I couldn't fit the feet in the picture.

Me being silly at the Grand Palace

I had eggs, toast, tea and fresh squeezed pineapple juice for 2 dollars for breakfast.  Alex.... He had fish from a street vendor for less than 50 cents.  Oh the options! 


I took tons of cool pictures of the strange food and market stuff in Chinatown but I don't have enough time left on this computer to upload them.  It will have to wait for another day, plus...I need to go wake alex up and go to dinner.... Pad Thai anyone?

Check back latter, we are getting the heck out of Bangkok tomorrow and headed north!  Yippee, the smog and hastle will be behind us. 

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