Monday, January 4, 2010

Sick Days

Happy New year everyone!  To celebrate 2010 I came down with some horrible flu bug and haven't been able to get out of bed for over three days now.  UGH!!  Anthony has been great, staying right next to me and giving me lots of fuzzies! 

Now I know you may say, GDB puppies are not allowed on couches.  Well, he isn't on the couch, he is on my legs and in my defense, I am super sick, my husband is skiing and I need some TLC!  And don't worry, I put him there and he is very aware that he isn't allowed up on his own accord.

I keep getting teribble chills and fevers and Athony, who has been toughing this out with me laying on the floor next to the couch most of the time, gets a kick out of it when I through my clothes and blanket on top of him when my fever is out of control.  At one point he was so snuggled into one of my sweaty t-shirts that I put it on him.  I know its mean but I'm sick and obviously not thinking clearly!

Anthony and Bree say hi. 

"come on silly kitty, play with me, this is a really cool toy!"

"I know you are sick but will you tug with me?"

Before I got sick I took the stuffing out of a bed that Anthony had chewed a giant hole in so that I could wash Eve's "heat" smell out of it.  My hope is that Eve's sent is why Anthony decided to eat it. I went into the office today and found someone snuggling in the stuffing. 

Can you find Bree snuggled in the stuffing?

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Mrs. H said...

I hope you feel better ASAP! I still have this annoying cold, but luckily nothing worse for me.... I put up some pictures on my blog that are sure to make you smile :) Feel better soon my friend!