Friday, January 1, 2010


So one of my last post about Anthony talked about his infected boy parts.  Well, he went to the vet, was put on antibiotics and seems to be SO much happier now.  His parts look tons better and he is a lot more playful.  He even got a bath today. 

One of Anthony's favorite toys is a guide dog approved jolly ball that comes with a big rope through the middle of it to tug with.  Well.... its been almost a year since we have had the toy and the rope finally fell out.  Anthony loves carring and banging the ball around.

The big guy carries the ball with him everywhere.

"Mom, you wanna tug with me?  Please?"

"Aaagggrrrr I am going to bite the ball in two"

Shortly after I took the above picture I told anthony to drop the ball, as we were going outside to DYB, and he didn't drop it.  So I bent down and grabbed the ball and gave the command again.   And again he didn't drop the ball.  Very unusual for Anthony.  That is when I realized that the ball was stuck on one of his bottom teeth.  YIKES!!  I was able to get it off without any damage but sadly that means the end of one of his favorite toys.  I don't want him to loose a tooth so I had to retire the ball for good.  

The balls replacement.   He loves to try and figure out how to get them separated. 

He gets them back apart by rolling around and banging it on the floor.

Almost there big guy.

"Look ma, I did it!   Can you put it back together for me?"  Gotta love GoNoughts!

Keep reading below as I am playing catch up and posting several post at once.

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Maddie, Gabrina (IFT), and Betsy (PIT) said...

Glad to hear Anthony is feeling better! You can go to Jax Farm and Ranch and get knew rope for the jolly ball. Just ask for white cotton rope and they will give you as much as you want!