Friday, January 1, 2010

A fun day skiing with friends

This past Wednesday Alex and I went skiing at Vail with our friends Brianna and Rob. We had a fantastic day!!  It was snowy yet relatively warm and we all made it through the day without any major injuries.  Below are some pics of the day. 
I know this may seem redundant, but I just love all the snow covered trees at Vail!

Brianna - yes, she and I have the same coat.

View from lift in game creek bowl.

Self portrait of Brianna and I on a lift.

Rob has been skiing his whole life but Brianna is just learning.  By the end of the day we took her down a black with all of us.  She did GREAT!!!!  The person on the right in this picture is her coming down the black with her hubby Rob following behind her in case she falls. She has some serious natural talent.

Alex, Stacie, Brianna and Rob at the end of the day.

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