Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Poor little guy!

Anthony got "altered" last week and yesterday we noticed that he had lots of stitches coming out and there were signs of infection.  We suspected he had been licking his boo boo at night while everyone was sleeping.  In an attempt to keep him from licking himself last night this is what I did:
I put one of Alex's t-shirts on with his tail in the neck and legs in the arm holes.  Doesn't he look thrilled?

Anthony getting ready for bed with his "don't lick your boo boo while we sleep" diaper.

The makeshift diaper didn't last long, as he rolled around it fell off.

We took him to the vet today and he got put on Antibiotics and the vet gave him an anti-inflammatory.  Poor little guy!  He also is having a bit of a hard time because Eve was here last week and she must have left her "heat" smell on EVERYTHING.  He keeps sniffing everything Eve laid on and then rolls on it on his back. 

I just have to post this picture.  This is a picture from Maddie's blog of Betsy.  It was such a great picture of Betsy that I just wanted to show everyone. 

Look at those beautiful sad eyes.  She loves the snow! (she just turned 8 months old)

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