Sunday, December 6, 2009

fresh snow

We were suppose to get 1-3 inches of snow last night but so far we have gotten about 6-7 inches.  I took the two puppies out one at a time to DYB this morning and here are a few cute pics.

Norahabelle with a face full of snow.

All Mulan wanted to do was eat the snow.

Norahebelle lost one of her big front teeth this morning and so was more willing to try to learn to play tug.

The puppies try and play tug - finally!

OMG!!  They are both sitting still and chewing on toys. Lasted about 10 seconds. 

"please let me out....I promise I will play nice!"  Yeah right!  I don't believe her for a minute.  She really is a sweet puppy though.

"Are you serious? I am really going to have to wear this for the party?"

Check back later for photos from the GDB Christmas party that we are hosting today.

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