Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Puppy updates

I wanted to update people on how some of the GDB puppies that you have seen on the blog in the past year are doing.
  • Gabrina (Gardner's sister) has been in phase 8 for several weeks now.   We hope she will suddenly go from 8 to graduating like Gardner did.
  • Tim - see my website for pics of him as a little guy, is in phase 7.
  • Dessa - is in phase seven, pics of her are on my website too.
  • Mystery - is also in phase seven - you can see pics of her as well on the website
In other news, Anthony lost his boy parts yesterday and did really well with the surgery.  According to Shawna, his co-raiser who has him this week, he is recovering well but is having a hard time staying calm in the fresh 8 inches of new snow.  Anthony loves snow and I bet he really wants to run around and play.

Eve, has big news too.  She went into heat last week (she is almost 10 months old).  We are watching her this week for her raisers so they could go on vacation.  She seems so uncomfortable and really does not like her diaper.  The poor thing has to stay in for 28 days.  Below is a pic.
Poor miserable Eve in heat, look at those sad eyes.

One last picture I have to post of Zora - the little puppy we were watching for friends last weekend.  She slept in some funny positions.

Zora taking an evening nap. 

1 comment:

Maddie, Gabrina (IFT), and Betsy (PIT) said...

Grr she is in phase 8 for the 4th week!
But everyone else is doing great :D! Especially Tim, who would have thought he would make it this far!?!