Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Freezing outside

We got over a foot of snow over the weekend.  It has been sunny since then but extremely cold!  Today the wind chill made it -30 degrees out.  I haven't felt it that cold since I lived in Michigan.  Below is the view from our back porch.  It looks like a beautiful cold waste land, even the Geese have left to find a warmer pond.
A very cold and snowy backyard.

I was off work today and I was out doing some errands when I saw something strange.  It apparently has gotten so cold in Fort Collins that we even have Reindeer living here now.
I wonder if Santa knows that his Reindeer have moved to Fort Collins?

On another note, Anthony won't go poop in the Guys (co-raisers) back yard because the snow is up over his hips.  Today he reportedly climbed to the top of a snow bank beside Carol's car and took a big poop.  I told Alex that solidifies it for me... he is for sure a teenage BOY puppy.  Only a boy would want to display his poop on top of a 5 foot high pile of snow.  Silly goof ball!

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