Sunday, December 13, 2009

Work Christmas Party

This was the second year that Alex and I hosted the Christmas party for my work.  We had a HUGE turnout this year.  At max, we probably had 60+ people here. 

This is one of the babies that I have delivered in the past year.  She belongs to one of our employee's daughter.  She is almost three months old now.  She is just the sweetest thing and looked so cute in her Christmas outfit!  I couldn't help but love on her all night!

We had TONS of amazing great food and somehow we managed to eat most of it.

I was so incredibly proud of Anthony!  He greeted every guest at the door and didn't jump on them.  He didn't scare the kids or get over excited.  He spend most of the night just laying around or trying to sneak food off the floor.  The hardest part of the party was keeping an eye on him and keeping him from licking the kitchen floor. 

Anthony doing what he does best, chilling in the living room.

Anthony got lots of loving from Nanette and Debra who's day at work is not complete if Anthony isn't there.

Olga and Martha....the hot mama's of the party!  I wish I could look as good as Martha (right) after having 5 kids! 

A group of guest had a fantastic time playing cards in the basement.

The many kids in attendance had a great time playing ping pong and running around crazy in the basement too.  This is Dr. Archer's middle child.  What a cutie.

We had a great crowd!

Anthony finally just ignored everyone and went sound asleep in the middle of the living room.

By 1 AM guest were playing silly party games in the living room and Anthony just kept right on sleeping.  No amount of noise seemed to bother him.

Silly party games in one room and Taboo in the other room.

I know I am not suppose to hold the puppies on my lap like this but I was sitting on the floor and Anthony was just so snugly.  And he was helping me win at Apples to Apples at 3AM.

4AM and a group of people in each room are still playing games.  Don't these people get tired?

Bree, the next morning, hiding under the Christmas tree.  She had a fun night after we finally went to bed.  She found lots of shrimp tails and drug them all over the house and explored the mess in the kitchen helping herself to whatever looked like fun to play with.  We found stuff in some really strange places.

One funny thing we found is that some little kid thought that Bree need more food and feed her a HUGE plate of food during the party.  I am glad she didn't eat it all before I could put it away.

Just a shot of the handsome boy today.  He was so good last night!  I was such a proud raiser!

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