Saturday, December 5, 2009

All you can do is laugh!

Norahabelle (4months) looks so innocent and cute until you add to the mix another young puppy

Enter Mulan who is just about 5 months old. 

They didn't play together like other puppies we have sat for.  They didn't like to tug and much preferred to just bite each other. So what is one to do with two puppies that are yipping and biting each other?

 You can try and make them sit and be calm, but do you think that lasts long?

Not when one of the puppies feels the need to be dominant.  So then what do you do?

You can try to tie them down and keep them far enough apart so they can't jump on each other. But believe it or not they are actually strong enough to move a sofa - thus the picture below.

So what to do next? You could make the tie downs shorter or ....

You could try giving them Ice cubes and hope they will eat the ice cube and forget to eat each other  for a minute or two while you catch your breath.

But then what happens when you smell a tell tale puppy fart ......

Well, I thought it was Norahabelle so I grabbed her and we went outside.  We had no success at a poo poo and came back inside to find that I had taken the wrong puppy!  Mulan had just taken a huge poop and was steeping in it because she  had wrapped her leash around the lamp.  I tied norahabelle back up and then she ran around the table and knocked over the lab top while I  was trying to get paper towels to clean up the poop.  At this point Alex came out of the den, where he had been studying, to see what all the commotion was about and stepped right into the poop with his bare feet!!! When he yelled, Mulan jumped and knocked over the lamp on to Alex.  All I could do was sit down on the floor and laugh!  The amount of total chaos and the site of my husband jumping around with poop sticking out from between his toes was just too much for me.  Sorry no pictures, I was laughing too hard!

Puppies after the commotion!

Finally about ten o'clock after making the tie downs significantly shorter and correcting a lot of whining, Norahabelle feel asleep and Mulan was happily chewing on a toy, and I am exhausted! 

I posted several other posts today, so keep reading below.

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